Our company

Caeli Architects is an international studio for sustainable architecture and design founded by Alex Ginard in 2009, with works in U.S., China, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Driven by the belief that the quality of our lives is directly affected by the quality of our surroundings, Caeli’s team provide full architectural and interior design services for a wide variety of buildings types, where the main goal is to design buildings and places with its own identity, connected with the environment, and minimizing the environmental impact.

Our work philosophy was built over the foundation that the inclusion of the client as part of the design team will allow us to reach the best design solution. The start point of every project is the perfect understanding of the goals and needs of every client, and to translate it into a functionally form, sequences of spaces, materials, colors and furnishings is the success of the entire team, guiding every project from conception to completion.