Our company

Caeli Architects is an international architectural practice lead by the architect Alex Ginard since 2009, with works in Cuba, Mexico, Argentina and USA. The firm is driven by the belief that the quality of our lives is directly affected by the quality of our surroundings. In all our work, we are guided by sensitivity of the specific features and potentialities offered by every single place.

We work at all design scales, from Masters Plans, commercial buildings, clinics, offices and workplaces to private houses, interiors and furniture. We design from a region scale to a frame for your masterpieces. No detail is too small. Our firm was built over the foundation that the start point of every project is the perfect understanding of the goals and needs of our clients, and our success is to translate it into a functionally form, sequences of spaces, materials, colors and furnishings.

We are art and technology passionate. We strongly believe that a perfect combination of art and technology is what makes exceptional buildings and better places to live.