Architectural Design

We believe in a conceptual and aesthetical architecture. Our architectural vision is to ensure the perfect match between the specific features of a particular location and the desirable structure to maximize its potential and the relationship with its surroundings, while responding to the requirements of our client’s program.

Urban Design

Our philosophy is to create compact, mixed-use and pedestrian friendly communities. We starting from a carefully study of the peculiarities of every place, human behavior and natural environments for every project, to ensure the correct intervention either in a built scene or in a natural location.

Interior Design

From our point of view, the Interior Design should be the continuity of the concept and the character of the architecture. The concatenation between spaces, materials, colors, textures and light, in relationship with furniture and master pieces are coordinated to achieve the aesthetical and functional goals of our clients.

Furniture and Product Design

As a complement of the Interior Design, our team embrace the challenge to design furnitures and products for different projects. Our work includes the use of virtual models, properly scaled physical models and mock-ups. We work in a directly with fabricants and manufacturers to assure the higher quality to all of our designs.

Project Management

Our Project Management team is in charge to oversee every aspects of all of our projects, ensuring everything it is done on time, with excellence and within the budget. We also work as part of interdisciplinary teams in external projects, helping different companies and clients to reach their specific goals and success criteria.

Workplace Consultancy

Our Workplace design strategy helps our clients to accomplish the demands of their business and personnel by the complete optimization of the space and enjoying the full potential of their workplace. The results is a potential increasing of the organization, productivity and profitability of the entire company.